Des Whittall

Group Manager

Des Whittall, Group Manager

When Dr. Louisa and I bought BCRAH in 2012, I had never worked in a veterinary hospital and didn't really know how I would fit into this role. I now know it is pretty much all of the things you don't normally think of in a vet hospital, but that none the less have to get done. While BCRAH is the first clinic I've worked in, my Grandfather was a vet in the UK so I've seen the practice since I was very small. I was also lucky enough to grow up in a small business, watching and learning from my parents. That experience, along with my background in finance and technology has helped me make the transition from working for a large bank to where we are now.

As the group manager, I oversee the operations and businesses that are BCRAH and the Resort for Pets. I work closely with the management team to ensure that we achieve our ambitions for quality of care and ensuring that each client and pet that we come into contact with is treated as our own. I love the opportunity to make a difference — to help build an exceptional medical facility where we offer pets and clients the opportunity to receive the best care possible, as well as a beautiful resort where you can drop off your pets to have as great a vacation as you. I get to help facilitate that, be a part of our day-to-day operations and work with a wonderful team. All the while, we continue to grow and provide new services and options so we can help all of our patients stay healthy and happy.

Outside of work most of my time is spent with my family. Dr. Louisa and I have 2 children, Charlotte and Ivy — you will see both of them around the hospital from time to time. I also enjoy playing computer games when I get the time.

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